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FRC is the program for high schoolers age 14-18.

The First Robotics Challenge teaches high schoolers STEM and Personal skills through programming in Labview, building with heavy machinery, and outreach activity.

The Data Bits is the Cottage Grove FRC team, implementing these skills through each of our subteams, Programming, Build, and Outreach.

This Years Game:

Destination: Deep Space

We’re blasting off into the next FRC season! In this new game we have hatch panels, cargo, rockets, and habitats. To start off there is the new sandstorm period where both teams are blinded for the first 15 seconds, allowing the implementation of VR and camera vision as well as the standard autonomous period. To score points we must cover holes in the rockets and habitats using the hatch panels which secure through hook/loop tape then throw the cargo in. At the end of the teleop period we must park our robot on one of the platforms to earn points. If more than 15 points are scored on the platforms we earn a ranking point. An animation is shown below demonstrating the game