Our Team History

Our team started our journey in 2011 with only five students and two mentors, since then, we have expanded to 45 students and 14 mentors. We had two sub-teams in the beginning and have now implemented public relations, dedicated to improve awareness in the community and provide funding to our team.


General History


  • 9th and current year of the team

  • Competition known as “Destination Deep Space”

  • Robot name: “Silver”


  • 8th year of team

  • Competed in quarter-finals at the Great Northern Regional and the Minnesota North Star Regional Received Creativity Award at the Minnesota North Star Regional

  • Competition known as “FIRST Powerup”

  • Robot name: “Tails”



  • 7th year of team

  • Finished as semi-finalists at both the North Star Regional and the Northern Lights Regional Received the Excellence in Engineering Award at the North Star Regional Qualified for the MSHSL State tournament for the third time

  • Competition known as “FIRST Steamworks”

  • Robot name: “Knuckles The Encoder”


  • 6th year of the team

  • Ranked 11th out of 60 teams at the North Star Regional Finalists at the Gitchi Gummi off-season event in Duluth, MN.

  • Competition known as “FIRST Stronghold”

  • Robot name: “Phoenix Bot”



  • 5th year of team

  • Ranked in the top 10 out of 60 teams at both the Northern Lights and North Star Regionals. Received first place in the Junkbot mini-competition at the Northern Lights Regional. Received the Gracious Professionalism Award for displaying excellent sportsmanship and teamwork

  • Competition known as “Recycle Rush”

  • Robot name: “B.E.N. Bot”



  • 4th year of team

  • Finished as finalists at the Lake Superior Regional in Duluth, MN. Received the Team Spirit Award at the North Star Regional. Placed third at the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) Tournament

  • Competition known as “Aerial Assist”

  • Robot name: “Sonic The Hedgebot”



  • 3rd year of team

  • Awarded the Judges Award at the North Star Regional in Minneapolis, MN. Finished third at the Minnesota State Fair Competition. Received the Engineering Outreach Award at the Minne-Mini competition

  • Competition known as “Ultimate Ascent”

  • Robot name: “Minion Bot”



  • 2nd year of team

  • Placed first out of thirty teams at the inaugural Minnesota State Robotics (MSHSL) Tournament

  • Competition known as “Rebound Rumble”

  • Robot name: “Mortar Bot”



  • Team is started, 1st year

  • Received the Highest Rookie Seed Award (given to the strongest first year team) while competing at the 10,000 Lakes Regional in Minneapolis, MN.

  • Competition in known as “Logomotion”

  • Robot name: “K.I.S.S. Bot”