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Our Team



Our Team

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These mentors manage the team from a distance, managing funding, other mentors, and organizing major events.

  • Chris Braun - Head Mentor
  • Mike Simurdiak - Advisor


    Build creates a robot that goes with the objective of the game. Using STEM skills they are able to design and create a successful robot.

  • Chris Nelsen
  • Jim Huber
  • Josh Taterka
  • Ken Atkinson
  • Mike Irving
  • Students
  • Alex Chantamarinh
  • Austin Null
  • Ben Engelstad
  • Dominic Johannsen
  • Duane Welch
  • Esther Lankow
  • Grayden Bluhm
  • Jacob Nelsen
  • Kevin Murray
  • Laith Ashfaq
  • Noah Schall
  • Shawn Perkins

  • Outreach

    Outreach’s overall goal is to give the team and robot exposure in and out of the community This is important because we want to spread the mission and values of FIRST as far as possible to create an impact on our community and beyond.

  • Sean Hoyt
  • Mirza Naveed
  • Katie Taterka
  • Students
  • Allen Vue
  • Brandon Chantamarinh
  • Gwen Martin
  • Isaias Mejia
  • Jade Yang
  • Kyley Tolbert
  • Liam Koster
  • Lillian Flint
  • Liv Degendorfer
  • Phillip Zawieruszynski
  • Quentin Quilt
  • Sam Roth

  • Programming

    Programming’s job is to make the robot run, move and complete tasks with the help of software and programs. We use a program called Labview (Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench). It’s a visual programming language that controls what the robot can do.

  • Brennen Martin
  • Dean Hoyt
  • Jeff Erlanson
  • Oliver Cuzzourt
  • Rodney Braun
  • Steve Haugse
  • Students
  • Shakura Benalshaikh
  • Leon Do
  • Jacob Flaherty
  • Peter Gacengeci
  • Nathan Johnson
  • John Klug
  • Jack Lawson
  • Lance McDonald
  • Ethan Reichel
  • Micah Schwichtenberg
  • Alex Vanasse
  • William Young
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