Minnesota North Star Regional 2019

We competed at our last regional event of the season at the Minnesota North Star Regional from March 27 to March 30th at the University of Minnesota Mariucci arena.

Thursday was the first day of the North Star Regional, we had a group of students that were asked to attend the practice day. The group comprised of the drive team, awards team, and social media crew. During the practice day, our drive team were down in the pits assembling the new intake that was created after the Duluth trip. Our new intake consisted of 2 side wheels that is attached on a claw-like mechanism which can pick up cargo and hatch panels. After some time getting the claw mechanism onto the robot, we eventually got our robot to be inspected at around 1:40 PM. After we passed inspection, we spent the majority of our time practicing with the robot before the official competition. In the stands, we did the normal routine of scouting and pit scouting. In addition, our awards team practiced their speech for the Chairman’s interview. After practicing multiple times they felt ready and confident for their interview on Friday. The social media crew did their tasks of taking pictures, videos and posting them on social media. As the end of the practice day came to a close, we were informed that qualification matches would be starting at 9:00 AM on Friday and Saturday.

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The start of the competition on Friday was filled with qualification matches and an award ceremony. Throughout our matches we experienced some minor issues with the claw, but the overall performance of the robot and drive team was excellent! The record for Friday’s qualification matches were 5 wins and 2 losses. One of our best match of the day was match  24, because this was one our highest match scores of the day. During that match, team 2177 and team 3313 were consistently putting hatch panels onto the rocket ship, while our robot repeatedly dumped cargo into the cargo ship. Aside from the matches, the Chairman’s crew presented their speech to the judges. Overall, we received positive feedback from the judges. One critique they suggested was that we pursue more outreach events in and outside of our community.

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The last day of the competition was on Saturday which meant there was still some qualification matches left to be played before alliance selections. The final qualification match record was 6 wins and 3 losses, out of 60 teams we ranked 21. While the qualification matches were starting, we sent students to hand out the scouting data to all the teams at this event. Sean, an outreach/programming mentor took the scouting data that we collected Friday and created a database sheet to be handed out to the teams at this competition. He designed it to be a kind gesture to help the teams with their scouting and so they can have data to compare against. There were teams at this event that came to our pit and appreciated us for the data sheet we gave them. After all the qualification matches were finished being played, it was onto the elimination rounds. During the alliance selections, we were picked first by the 7th alliance captain which was team 2989 and we then picked team 7273 to complete our alliance. Our alliance competed against the number 2 alliance. Unfortunately, our alliance lost both rounds which meant we finished as quarterfinalists. However, we had a great time competing at the Minnesota North Star Regional! We want to say thank you to everyone for the amount of support you showed us! In addition, we give a huge thank you to our sponsors that have helped us throughout the entire season!

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Even though we are done competing at our regionals this season, we are excited to announce that we qualified for the MSHSL State robotics tournament! 36 teams qualify for the state tournament based off of their first regional event and the MSHSL’s state robotics guidelines. We overall were ranked 31 out of 221 teams in Minnesota! This will be taking place at the University of Minnesota Williams Arena on Saturday, May 18th. We cannot wait to compete and we want to congratulate the teams that also qualified! Stay tuned for more upcoming information about the state robotics tournament!

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Brandon Chamtamarinh