Week Four Update!

Bone-chilling Subzero temperatures during week 4

We managed to get some things done in spite of the 2 precious days of no robotics due to the frigid cold! This week, build has mounted the intake onto the elevator and continued working on the lift! There was also some modifications made to the chassis as well. For example, one thing that they changed was before the front end was connected and as of now it is open front end meaning there's a gap so the intake can fit in there

The Programmers are still continuing to tune the PID loops used for our driving correction. You may be asking what does this mean? Well, it is when the robot is programmed to point or move somewhere, its first intentions might make it go off its target or does something completely the opposite. The tuning makes sure that it follows what it supposed to do making the commands more accurate and on target. Another student is working on learning flat sequence which are a method of having certain functions go in a certain order all the time, let's say you have 3 blocks and they each do something different. Without the flat sequence It might go from 2, 1 and then 3. What flat sequence does is that it makes sure it goes in order and it will go from 1,2 and then 3.

A group of outreach students has been working on a presentation to show to our sponsor, Marathon. We were asked do a presentation on February 12th along with teams 2175, 3130, and 3206 to present how has Marathon’s involvement benefited each respective team. In the meantime Gwen completed the Chairman's essay, as of now she's revising the entire essay with the help of other mentors and students. Along with the Chairman’s essay, Sam has been working on the script for the Chairman's presentation, which is a little bit different from the essay. As you are aware the Entrepreneurship Award has been complete and now we have Quentin working on a design for the cover page. You may know from last week, the scouting app is completely done. On Friday night during dinner time, we had Sean an Outreach mentor that created the scouting app present to the whole team about the new scouting app. He demonstrated how it works and its overall functions. We are excited to test out our new scouting method at this event called week zero. On February 16, held at Centennial High School week zero means that it’s where teams can test out their robot, do scouting and all in all it’s like a mini competition before the robot is bagged up.