End Of Build Update!

We are wrapping up our build season and are ready for our upcoming competitions!

This week build has been rushing to get the final pieces onto the robot. One thing that we assembled onto the robot was a Limelight. It sense what needs to be placed using color, size or shape. With the Limelight, it lets the placing of the hatch onto the cargo or rocket more precisely.

The programmers were making and testing some code for our new 2019 drive team. As the hours go by, the drive team was constantly practicing the new controls, learning techniques, And overall to get familiar with that their going to be doing at the competition.

enhance (5).jpg
enhance (1).jpg

After days went by, on February 16th held at Centennial High School hosted by 2052 and 2472  was the day of Week 0. To recap what 0 is, It’s where you can test out the robot in the game environment, this gives teams an opportunity to see how well their robot can perform with the way they want to to and find any improvements they need to work on. During week 0 we had our students test out the  new scouting app and it works perfectly! All the data and information is all organized, and it's so much easier to use compared to the paper scouting method. We are excited to use our scouting app in Duluth! Robot bag day is around the corner! Be sure to check out the blog post after this to see what our 2019 robot looks like!