Week Five Update!

Minnesota weather has been quite crazy these past few weeks. On Monday a majority of roads were covered in black ice, causing the whole state to be a slippery ice arena. Then the day after that, there was a downpour of snow that totaled more than seven inches!

In build we're currently behind due to missing 3 meetings. However, we’re pushing through the days to get the robot complete. This week we have started on the second elevator to implement into our practice robot. The intake has been fully mounted on our main robot as well. The final thing we have worked on this week was to begin to add the electrical wiring.

This week the programmers have finished up their autonomous code. This code allows the robot to drive forward 12 feet and place a hatch panel on a makeshift cargo ship. Two of our programmers, Jack and Micah were able to create a visual database for the robot vision to detect cargo and hatch panels through the software known as TenserFlow.

One of the significant things that happened in outreach was that on February 6th we officially submitted both the Chairman's and the Woodie Flowers essay. Other than that, Sean and Liam are working on wiping the new scouting tablets. They are deleting all of the unnecessary apps and disabling access to the wifi so scouting will be the main focus of the tablets. Progress is being made on the Chairman's Presentation script. Currently they have been gathering different ideas from the sub-teams to start work on the presentation itself.