Week Three Update!

Last week, build was working on constructing the elevator. As of now we installed a motor which makes the elevator go different levels of heights. In addition to the motor, we also accomplished establishing a pulley in the gut of the elevator. Another thing they had to revise was the intake where it grabs the ball.

Many students worked on different types of tasks this week. We had one group worked on PID controlling and tuning. While another group worked on the programming of the robot during autonomous. In addition, with the extra wood we build a hatch.

Scouting on paper is a thing of the past, and now we have a functional scouting app! With the 8 tablets that Marathon ( http://www.marathonpetroleum.com/) has given us, The scouting data is more precise and  its effectiveness is tremendously better than paper scouting. Some features that you’ll find interesting is that the crowd scouting app uses a preset list of team numbers which are cross referenced against the current match. This means that it no longer requires us to manually put in the number every time. However, for pit scouting we do manually enter the team’s number so that when we take a picture of the robot, it will automatically apply their number to the image’s name which allows for better organization. Scouting is crucial for the alliance selection and with the help of the new app, we will stay organized and it will allow us to more easily analyze the data we collect. Now talking about awards, Gwen has completed the Chairman’s essay! She's now working on the Chairman's script for the presentation. Sam is on the grind to finishing the executive summaries.

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