Week Two Update!

Wrapping up week 2, we have news to tell you!

A goal is very important to have in life. During week two of build season, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to build an elevator. Keeping that goal in mind we were able to construct a decently working elevator with the help of our new CAD team. The sounds of metal welding together is the result of a new chassis for this year’s robot.


Our mentors taught the new programmers how to use the gyro and identify coders. Will, our rookie programmer is currently working on wiring the robot, making sure everything is connected, working, and ready to go.

The most prestigious award you can earn in robotics is the Chairman's Award. It’s an award that shows what have you done in the community and beyond to spread the word about FIRST.  Showing uniqueness through writing, social media,and other ways can lead you to win Chairman’s. If you get chosen, then it automatically qualifies your team to World Championships. One of our Chairman writer’s, Gwen is almost finished writing the rough draft! In addition, Sam, our Entrepreneurship award writer just completed writing the first draft of our business plan. The requirement for this award is a business plan that discusses how the team is structured and how the team operates. Recapping from last week remember how we were choosing a website platform? Well as of now we decided on SquareSpace to power our website, and it's fully functional! Don’t be afraid to look around and press the different tabs, we encourage you to explore our new website! if you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or just want to chat with us feel free to contact us!

Programming students John, Ethan, and Jacob hard at work in Labview!

Programming students John, Ethan, and Jacob hard at work in Labview!