Season Launch/Week One Update!

One week ago the new FRC season launched, known as Destination Deep Space. This years game is now sponsored by Boeing. You can check out our page on it here. So far we have made much progress within our 3 subteams.

In outreach we have begun development on websites through 3 platforms, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. We have also made a lot of progress on our Chairman’s and Entrepreneurship awards. Our FLL team is also working hard on coding and building their robot.

In Programming our vision software is under way using a new model to detect objects on the field and determine what they are. On the other side, Leon and Alex worked with moving the robot as well as configuring the gyro.

In build the CAD sub-team has drawn up the chassis in Solidworks. Kevin, our lead 3D printer has worked on prototyping through 3D printing. Most of the chassis has been assembled as well as the wheels and ball intakes.